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Experience Required - 

Internship Workshop

A workshop to help find, secure, and leverage internship experiences to kickstart your career.

Would you believe me if I said I was making $40,000 while in college?

Hi! My name is Cameryn Mitchell and since 2019 I've been committed to helping young professionals create their dream careers and working with organizations to attract, retain, and develop the next generation of talent. 

At 24, I now manage all workforce and talent development initiatives for the City of Rock Hill and run my own career coaching and consulting agency, Hustle Career Consulting.  


The secret to my early career success - internships!


As a student at Winthrop University, I gained valuable experience through internships and student organizations. As an intern, I worked for the organizations such as the US Department of Treasury, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), and the one of the largest subsidiaries of Ashley Furniture, Broad River Retail. 

On Wednesday, December 15 at 7pm I'll be sharing my tips and tools for finding, securing, and leveraging internships to help kickstart your career. 

A ticket to the workshop includes:

  • Attendance to the virtual workshop

  • Copy of workshop presentation sent after the session

  • Access to Hustle's Internship Database 

    • A compiled list of internships from leading companies like Belk, Deloitte, Google, & more.

  • Special discount code for Hustle's services 

Ticket Cost - $20

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