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How to Ace the Video Interview

Written By: Shakoya Brown, Hustle Intern


Congratulations! You have made it to the next step in this Hustle journey. You landed an interview! These days, the normal agony of driving to a neutral location or the actual worksite are non-existent. Employers and recruiters are utilizing the services of Zoom, Google Hangouts, WebEx, and Skype to meet their interview needs.

If you’re anything like me, then the first thing that pops into mind is picking a decent time and making sure that you are prepared for your 15 minutes of fame. Don’t worry too much though. These 4 simple reminders can help you start the thought process and come out on top.

  • Wake Up On Time: Listen, I can understand the urge to want to wake up fifteen to twenty minutes beforehand and just get it over with. Do not even try it! You need to make sure that you are awake and attentive for your interview. Get up at least forty-five minutes early. Eat. Get ready. Test your systems and be logged into the link at least five minutes before the start time.

  • Dress Appropriately: As much as you would like to wear PJ’s, do not do it! Dress nice (not 3-piece suit nice or ball-gown and heels). But, nice enough to be business casual and not noticeably relaxing at home. The chances of you having to show a full ensemble are slim. So, something that you can easily change back out of would be best. Ladies, because video lighting is not always top-notch, makeup is not mandatory. Men, during these times, you may be growing your facial hair, just make sure that your face can be seen, and it is properly groomed.

  • Engage Authentically: Have a platonic conversation. Being personable can take you a long way. Interviewers want to see your soft skills shine through this video. Have a notepad handy and be prepared to answer questions in a concise manner. This is your moment to shine and keep the interviewer engaged. Persuade them into believing that you are the perfect candidate by proving to have done your research and can be well-versed. Take notes as they are speaking of the position to keep you on track and show that you are engaged.

  • Ask Questions: This is where that notetaking will shine. Ask GOOD questions. There are some examples in our Instagram post from August 3.


We hope this article provided you with some great tips and that you feel well-prepared for your next interview! Be sure to share this article with your network.

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