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"A Career What...? : 3 Ways You Can Benefit from Having a Career Coach

I know many of you see Hustle’s services being promoted and think to yourself “I don’t even know what a career coach does.” Don’t worry. I'm here to breakdown what I do as a career coach and how you may benefit from having a career coach. Let's get into it!


1. A career coach collaborates with the client on developing actionable career goals.

As a career coach it is my job to make sure you are taking the right steps for YOU! Not everyone has the same career journey, therefore it is important to identify experiences and skills that will specifically help you excel in your profession.

Think of your career as a recipe for your favorite meal. You can have all the ingredients (or in this case the experience and skills), but without the instructions you won't be able to produce the final product. I'm here to give you the instructions!

2. A career coach teaches job coach techniques such as utilizing search platforms and building a professional network.

"I've applied to every job on Indeed!" - That is one of the first things almost every client says to me, but there is a better way!

There are countless job search engines out there and each offers a unique user experience. However, the search engine you are using may not be the best for the industry or position you are looking to get into. As a career coach I will assist you in navigating the job search process by giving you the tools and techniques to make your job search efficient, effective, and successful!

3. A career coach assess and improve resumes, cover letters, portfolios, and professional networking profiles.

This is the part of career coaching that you are probably most familiar with, and good news for you this one of my favorite parts of being a career coach!

Did you know that by having an updated LinkedIn profile you are 18X more likely to be found in a search by a recruiter. That means you are 18X more likely to find your dream job! And once you find that dream job, you'll need an exceptional resume to get you in the door and in front of a hiring manager. As a career coach I will help you create a professional brand that will wow any employer!

(Want to get started today? Check out our free resume guide here.)


I hope this has helped you understand a little more about how I may be able to assist you! If you like what you read and are ready to take the next steps to enhance your career, schedule a call with me here.

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