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LinkedIn or Left Behind?

Written By: Shakoya Brown, Hustle Intern


The importance of LinkedIn is stressed heavily both in school and once you land a job. My first real crash course on the popular platform was as a college freshman. What did not seem too important then, is a priority for me now.

The mission of the company is to “connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful”. LinkedIn can make a huge difference in your personal brand and job search. It allows you to update statuses, blog/write articles, create a profile that is specifically geared towards showcasing your experiences/brand and connect with other individuals.

Personally, I always stress the importance of using LinkedIn just as much as you use other social media sites. Why? Well, as a young professional on the hunt for my first full-time opportunity post-grad, I want to stay up to date and informed on potential opportunities.

You can use LinkedIn to reach out to individuals in your field and find job openings. As an undergraduate student, I was determined to gain new experiences each year and I used LinkedIn to document these experiences. The connections that you make on this site can keep you current and help you seek advice from individuals who are already where you want to be. In addition, your story and experiences can provide valuable insight.

USE THE JOBS TAB! I cannot stress that enough. While this feature may help you find openings, it can also help you update your personal profile with common skills and keywords to help your profile get seen by recruiters and connections.

Be creative when setting up your profile. Do not be so serious in your approach to LinkedIn. Your profile is to showcase who you are and all your valuable contributions. Make it tailored to your personal brand. Take a great photo, create a background image, create posts as often as possible, use appropriate hashtags, and take advantage of the free trial of LinkedIn Premium (

Hustle Career Consulting has the perfect pricing to help you begin your LinkedIn journey. LinkedIn Optimization can help you create that ideal LinkedIn brand and give you tips for building a network that you can maintain and benefit from.


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