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Millionaire Mindset: Rejection Isn't The End

Written By: Shakoya Brown, Hustle Intern


If you are like me, then you have applied to quite a few job opportunities in the past couple of months.

Some may have given you a green light to the next step, while some may have sent the “Thank you for considering____...however, we have decided to go with another candidate” email. That dreaded “NO” can lead you down a path of self-doubt. This self-doubt can hurt your pride and be a roadblock on your path to success.

Or, have you been neglecting to pursue that business idea you have?

It may be written in a thousand little notes on your iPhone or in your journal. But, you have not pursued it further because of fear.

Well, let us delete our fear of rejection and adopt a “Millionaire Mindset”. This term has been used often and if you look it up, there are a plethora of links that can help you gain an understanding of the concept.

For the purposes of this blog post, I want you to understand that YOU can create your own version of this concept.

For starters, let’s reshape the way we think with a few positive affirmations:

  • DO NOT fear rejection.

  • DO NOT dwell in perfection. Just start. Just do. Just create.

  • That no is an indicator that you should actively pursue the (N)ext (O)pportunity.

  • You don’t need everything you think you need to get started. You, your tribe, and confidence can carry you through the beginning stages.

The Psychology of Abundance explains that we must think in abundance to manifest what we want. We will continue to shed light on mental health and it’s importance in the job search and once you land that next opportunity. Until next time! Peace.


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